Words Are Just Pointers

PAPAJI:  When I’m looking at the beautiful moon, other people come close, “Where is the moon? Please show us where the moon is”.  So I have to point. I say, “Come. Look at my finger and you’ll see the head of the crow seated on the top branch of the tree and this alignment, this alignment will take you to the moon.” 

You align your eyes, my finger in pointing at the head of the crow seated on that tree  and then you look beyond, OK? Neither the finger is the moon nor the head of the crow is the moon, nor the tree branch is the moon. So I use these words. Where you write…ah, “the words that you use — happiness and  love which you so often use — happiness and love”. So these are my fingers pointing to that, you see. Don’t cling to my words that I use: happiness and love. This is just a bait to attract you because you are so very familiar with love and happiness and peace.

So I have to use these words or please tell me if you could  coin any other word that’s not yet coined. What I want to say I have not been able to say, I admit, but then, how to converse? I have to consult the dictionary but then what I have to tell you is not found in any dictionary, neither the language nor the mind can smell what is happening. So how can I use language? If you give me a word, perhaps if you come up with some better word, I will be thankful to you because I’m not able to give the right word. What will you use? This not a word, I can’t see, hugging, shrugging word, shrugging also same thing.  This is only an expression, you see. This is  only expression, but please don’t cling to words. Denude the word itself. Denude the word when I speak; forget wordiness and then look beyond. That’s what I mean; therefore I say love, happiness, bliss and peace. These are the finger pointing to something I cannot describe. You have described it very well. I’m happy about what you mean.