When Fear Comes, Kiss Its Face

DEVOTEE: When I’m quiet — just feeling this love — it is so beautiful. Then this feeling of fear comes; as if the love will go away. I don’t want that fear to come. I just want to stay in the beauty of the feeling of love.

PAPAJI: I can only suggest to you that when the fear comes that is what is happening, so let it come. Hug this fear, don’t reject it. Hug it and kiss it. If fear comes when you are happy, it is a past habit that has been showing up, a dormant tendency of the mind. All that is dormant will have to rise up now; otherwise, these tendencies would have given you much trouble again and again. You would have had to live out those things which were buried deep in the subconscious mind. Now because the sense of an individual doer is no longer there, these tendencies are no longer rising in the present and you don’t need to do anything anymore.

When the concept of the future is discarded and in the present you have no desire; past tendencies are free to rise up. So don’t try to bury them now. Before, they could wait for another incarnation if they were not fulfilled now, but now they can no longer wait — this is the time for them to leave. So keep quiet and simply watch. They will not trouble you. Do not stop them. Do not say, “I do not want them.” Invite them. Tell them, “Come! Please come now; this is the time.” Do not resist anymore. Allow whatever may arise to arise on its own.

Be prepared. Do not stop them, do not run away, let them arise. Previously you were always busy with day-to-day desires, with future hopes and expectations. You were so engaged so these dormant tendencies were waiting, saying to themselves, “We will be fulfilled next time.” Now the time is here because there is no more expectation, no more hope, no more desire. This is the time for the dormant tendencies buried in the unconscious mind to appear and to leave this place. So do not resist. Let them arise, okay? Good.

6 December, 1991