Turn the Mind to Face Its Source

When your mind is not clinging to any object, to any person or idea, its face is turned towards its source.

This is very simple. Millions of books about enlightenment and freedom have been written and are available in the world, and what is the result? People have been working for enlightenment, freedom, liberation, emancipation, moksha, for thousands of years. What is the result? Everything that you do, everything that you have been told to do, it is with the mind. When you read a book you are reading with the mind. When you are meditating, you are meditating with the mind. When you are doing anything you are always doing it with the mind. This is why there is no result.

Distract the mind immediately from any object, person, or idea. It is that simple. Then the face of the mind is turned towards its source for the first time, and a reflection from somewhere un-told, un-described will fall on this mind which is not dwelling on the past. All objects, ideas, and people belong to the past. Now for the first time the mind has been directed towards its own native place, its own abode.

With the reflection of beyond it loses its entity as the mind. It becomes no-mind now. It is satyam — truth, shivam, and sundaram. Other than this, I am not aware of any other process by which you could be free. If you have any ideas, any attachments to anything — including your own body, your mind, your intellect or anything else — how could you be free? Just by giving rise to one thought of the mind — the ‘I’ thought — and there is instantly past, present, future, manifestation, suffering and a cycle of incarnations, never ending reincarnations.

If you so choose, if you so desire, it can be put to an end right now. But you have not taken that decision so far. You have been postponing this decision and passing through millions of births, taking millions of years and this decision still is waiting. I do not know what you are looking for or why you are afraid to return to your own native place, to the abode of all auspiciousness, happiness, love, and beauty. Why are you shirking your responsibilities?

9 July, 1992