1st March 1993 – This Pig is Mind

“This whole samsara is the garbage and the pigs are living there. I promise you honey, milk, then why don’t you leave? I told you, one second. You leave this gutter, leave the sewage. This is the quality of the pigs. They will remain pigs. 35 million years they have remained in the garbage, and another 200 million years they will be in the same. Garbage will be available to them. There’s no dearth of garbage. But who aspires? Who aspires to see the beauty, love of it, of the Self? Instead of wasting time in the garbage; cannot have even one second. Leave the garbage. Leave the sewage and go out and smell outside.”
In this satsangs from the 1st of March 1993, Papaji shows his fierceness and how to walk on the edge of the sword. Some extracts from this powerful satsang have been used in various compilations and uploaded previously.

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