This Is Sahaja!

PAPAJI: Perhaps, I don’t remember you. You asked me, didn’t you? in the garden, in traffic island, we were seated in the park. He asked me one question. We met there. Perhaps, he came and he went to my house and I was on my evening walk. ‘One question’, he said. I remember your question, ‘What is sahaja?’ ‘What is sahaja?’ ‘What’s the natural state, spontaneity?’ ‘What is sahaja‘ That was your question, I remember. You came today, no? Are you here today? This man (Chuckling) asked what is sahaja when we were in the traffic island; cars all around, very busy, inside the park. Some people were playing and some children were flying kites and some were walking in the park, different people, different kinds of people. Park is full. Outside cars are running all around, traffic island. He says, ‘What is sahaja?’ I said, ‘This is sahaja!’ and that’s all. That’s all.

DEVOTEE: It was completely true. It was completely true. The answer was completely true.

PAPAJI: That’s it. He said, ‘I got it’. That’s all. That’s all what happens also. In the traffic island, that was satsang in the traffic island. (Laughter) He said, ‘I got it!’  I said, ‘sahaja, this is sahaja‘. All around is traffic and we were sitting there on a stone bench. We were not involved. We were seeing everything going by. We were not involved. We were having a talk together. We were in satsang. We are seeing everything. This is sahaja, not to do anything. Always there’s sahaja. You are always in meditation, you see. No one can disturb you, let alone the traffic. Even your mind cannot have an access into this seclusion. This is complete satsang that’s been going on for millions of years between you and yourself. That’s all. No disturbance at all. You have brought anything more than this?

DEVOTEE: No. That moment, for years before, I had read Ramana Maharishi and others. Ramana Maharshi has said that sahaja is the natural state of the body-mind and I kept thinking if it were the natural state I must have experienced it because I am existing. So it must be true and then I had thought about it for months before coming here and read about it and meditated on it and then when I asked you that question and you said, ‘We are in it now’, it was just a moment where everything changed and I understood that we were in it now and we are in it now. It was totally…it was just a total moment of grace for me because I believed completely that you were in it when I met you. I had no doubt that you represented sahaja samadhi.

PAPAJI: (Chuckling throughout)