There’s Something beyond Dreams

[A female devotee spoke about an extraordinary experience
of peace and joy while sleeping]

PAPAJI: Yes, this was not a dream. You have heard of sleeping, dreaming and waking. This is not a dream. This is something else. You cannot have these beautiful things in anybody’s dreams. I can tell you how it happened it in many other cases too, but it’s something very transcendental, it’s a super state of mind. You can call it for the time being turiya. That’s the fourth state.

Here these things happen. You transcended the sleep state. Everyone speaks only of dreaming and sleeping, isn’t it? So this is a transcendental fourth state. In turiya, these things can happen. When the mind is very weak or no mind, at times you have this kind of happy moments: Satsang, visions of gods, seeing one’s guru and peaceful in the next waking state. You will feel that — you will bring down this dream into the next waking state and that will give you peace. It’s called the fourth state and then it will also reach you somewhere else. It is better not to say any more. I have nothing more to tell you. It is now happening. It’s in the process. It works itself. You are on the way home. I’m very happy about you. You are doing very well. OK.