The World Is a Dream

You say that the world is a dream, but you also talk about your daily life in which the pain and death you see are very real. Where did you learn that all this is real? Who told you it was real? Who is responsible for this piece of misinformation? The man who told you is a foolish man, and the one who hears foolishness and believes it is also a foolish man. So, it takes two to be foolish in this way.

What do I mean when I say that something is real? If I say that something is real I mean that it is real all the time. If it is not eternal, it is not real. That is the true definition of reality. Everything you see today will disappear one day, including your own body. This body was not here forty years ago and in another fifty years it will also not be here. Where are your great-grandparents? Where are all the gods who have walked this earth? All of them have disappeared, because whatever appears in this world eventually has to disappear.

You say you see death every day. You are not alone. This whole world is a place of death. It is a place of wailing and weeping for everyone. Don’t depend on it. Don’t depend on any outside object because reality is nowhere to be found in anything that is outside you.

Reality is somewhere within you, but not in your body, not in your thoughts, not in your concepts. It doesn’t touch anything. If you want to find it, don’t look at any object. Don’t put your attention on anything that appears and disappears. Strive for that which alone is eternal, because only that will give you happiness,

Where does it abide? Not somewhere where you can discover it after years of effort. It is not something you find by sitting for years in a cave. It is with you all the time and it reveals itself to you as soon as you don’t allow your mind to dwell on anything that is not permanent. It is very simple to do but you never do it because you are trusting the words of foolish men instead of the words of a sage. Associate yourself with a sage, an enlightened man who will give you the guidance on how to be free from suffering..

First of all if you are interested in my words, I will tell you that the world does not exist, what you call reality is no more real that the pictures you see at night when you dream. You can dream of living with a woman and having children with her, but when you wake  up, where is your dream wife and where is your dream family? Do you remember and mourn the people you were related to in your last birth? You were attached to them then but now you can’t even remember who they were. Your attachment brought you a new birth and now you can’t even remember who they were. This is what happens when you depend on things which fade away.

You have to be firm with yourself. Firstly, you have to make a decision, ‘I want to be free,’ Next you say to yourself, ‘I only want something which is firm and abiding, I will not be interested in anything else.’ And finally you have to tell yourself, ‘I want peace and peace alone. And that peace must come from that which is always there, always present.’

When you have fully committed yourself to these decisions, you will be successful. Not at some future day, but here and now. When you organize your priorities properly and discard that is unreal and transient, peace and freedom will find you immediately. I guarantee this.