The Ultimate Truth

This is what all the scriptures say: If a man has not completed his work in this life, he has to be born in better circumstances in his next life so that he can finish his work or fulfill his desires. I don’t believe this anymore. I don’t accept it. Birth, death and rebirth are just ideas created by the mind. Bondage and liberation are just ideas you create to keep yourself busy. Get rid of the idea that birth, death, rebirth, bondage and liberation are real. They are not. They are nothing more than ideas. There are no gods, no demons and no heavens. No one exists; nothing exists. This is the truth. The mind can think about so many things. Why can’t it think about this fundamental truth instead? Nothing ever existed. This, ultimately, is the only truth. Whatever else you read in scriptures comes from a different perspective, a relative perspective which assumes the reality of ideas such as birth, death, bondage, and so on. I will tell you the bare truth: there is no birth, there is no death, there is no creator and there is no creation. This is now my conviction, my experience.