The Purpose of Life

This universe is billions of years old. In this great expanse of time we have stayed with each other many times. We got involved with many things and became attached to them. We had no time to find out our true loving nature which gives us peace. Millions of years later a few of us have come to the conclusion that none of these activities or attachments has brought us happiness. Having come to this conclusion, let us try another method which some saints and sages of this land have suggested.

For instance, Kabir said that if you stay with a realized man for a minute, a half a minute, half of the half of the minute, this will be enough to remove the bindings that have been gathering around you for millions of years. They are burned away instantly. How are they burned?

By the grace of your Guru you come to know who you are. That grace becomes a fireball which instantly burns all the karmas, all the sins that you have collected. When the burning is over, the smile of the Self is visible in the Heart and the mind at the same time. That is the moment that everyone has been waiting for for millions of years.

You made a decision: ‘I have been waiting millions of years but I am not going to wait any longer. I want it today.’ You embarked on an intense enquiry which worked because you asked the right question and because you were not prepared to waste any more time.