The End of the Search

PAPAJI: You’re right. During the search, no one is happy. You see, this search is disturbing you, no? It disturbed you and then in the same way any search implies separation from something, doesn’t it? There the search starts and you are in tension. You are not happy, but now this search is not that search. You have not lost anything, but you are here already. You have not to search anything. Only you are searching something that could be lost and that
you have lost. So now here is the end of the search. Find out who has been inquiring into what and what for. So this is end of all inquiries to ask who has been doing practice, who is wanting what, who has been separate from whom, all these. Simply look at it and you have done your work.

OK, now do you understand? No inquiry? So for fifteen years, your fifteen years’ effort has paid off. You know the meaning of shanti? Every day we chant let there be shanti, let there be peace among all beings. This shanti is within and then you can have this shanti only when you know yourself. When you are at home then only you are at peace. How long you can stay in the supermarket? You are never at peace. You have to go back home for peace, isn’t it? You run back home. So this is the home.

Do you feel at home now? Yes? OK. Very few people have. OK.

I thank you very much.