Surrender Your Arrogance

PAPAJI: So I think first we could talk about skills. You cannot
be skillful with arrogance. You have to first surrender the
arrogance and then anything you do will be skillful.
Anything will come out of this after the arrogance is
over: you can be a very good painter, very good musician,
very good dancer, you see. This is expression, this is
expression. That’s what I believe. After this arrogance,
after this ego is over, then this is the debt that you
have to pay back for the reward you have received from
your own majesty. It will happen by itself, like dancing
will come by itself, as I’ve seen. Steps will be very
accurate — otherwise, you will be out of step in dancing if
they’re arrogant steps. Musicians, also. I have seen some
perfect musicians making mistakes.