This is a rare interview with Papaji’s son Surendra, which was done soon after Papaji left the body. The interview was filmed by Mira Stannard, a close devotee of Papaji, who has graciously given permission to upload it on our channel. We believe this to be the only available video interview with Surendra and hope you enjoy the stories he shares about growing up with Papaji, spending time in Sri Ramanasharamam and meeting a palmist who revealed that his father was a jivanmukta (liberated being). Surendra talks about the prediction of Papaji’s time of death and speaks about moving away from prescribed Hindu funeral rituals so that Papaji’s devotees could participate.
Surendra passed away on 9th September 2006. His wife Usha and his family still resides in Indira Nagar, Lucknow, in the place where Papaji lived towards the end of his life. The house is open to visitors, where Papaji’s bedroom is kept pristine and a small samadhi has been installed in Papaji’s memory in the main hall.

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