Staying in the Present

DEVOTEE: I feel there is a real fierceness for the truth.


DEVOTEE: There is a fierceness…

PAPAJI: Fierceness, fierce…

DEVOTEE: Strong — for the truth.


DEVOTEE: Can I trust this?

PAPAJI: You cannot have a false trust, you know.  Trust will not do, will not help.  You remove the mistrust first. You remove the snake which is not true. That was a doubt. It was not a snake. You simply remove the snake whatever it is. Then essence will show what it was. When you see a snake which was not a snake in the evening; it may be water line you see. In the evening you saw it’s a snake. So you get afraid. You can’t go on the other side. You’re collecting sticks and stones but if you’re careful and quiet, you start moving, “Let me go near and search”. The snake will disappear. It was just a water line, you see. Someone, some animal has passed, so that water line was there. It looked like snake, that’s all. So that never existed. It looked like reality and fear came. You decided it’s a snake, therefore, fear is there, but when you carefully study it, go near, see, and reason about it — it’s not moving, not shaking, perhaps the line of water will simply appear.  So this depends upon you. It needs a very discerning — then you don’t really need trust. It is a fact. You are essence. This is a fact. You don’t need any trust. You must have mistrust in what is not there. That mistrust you have to remove. This snake you have to remove by mistrust. It’s not there. It will go. So what of all this ego. Actually it’s not there. It vanishes also. When you sleep all the egos vanish. So what rises and vanishes is not true. What appears and disappears — this snake appeared and disappeared — is not true. Body that appears and disappears is not true. Find out which is eternal. Only this question would be good for you reason out by yourself. You must be going to past. You must be going to past and not staying in the present, here. 


PAPAJI: Even to speak for the last hour or so, what you are going to ask about does not belong to this one hour here. Whatever you are going to speak about does not belong to this one hour that you are here. Isn’t it true? You are here for satsang. You have to start your life from ages ten to twelve. So what arises within this period is good. And this is your life. Perhaps these two, two hours, will give you a tremendous reward one day. Don’t forget. So when here, you must be here. That’s called satsang. Don’t absent yourself from here. When you are here you come here. You have travelled long way off to be here in satsang. Otherwise, why are you here? Why absent yourself from here. You just come. Now what you’re speaking about does not belong to this time. What about this one hour that we’re spending here? Many  beautiful things have happened. You speak about that. That young boy came. This one came. That one came. Why, why don’t  you speak about these, these affairs. Don’t shut your eyes, don’t close your mind, see. See what we’re seeing. What comes in front of you — see, watch, be very careful what’s going on. Don’t think that you are in a graveyard. You speak, you see flowers, enjoy them; enjoy the beauty of the garden. Why to dig into the graves. That’s not wise. It’s not reasonable. This is how everybody suffers, you see. This how everybody suffers. They don’t enjoy the present moment but they think of the past. This past is suffering. This past is suffering. This past is hell. If  you live from moment to moment nobody can trouble you. Even death cannot come near you. You have to be presently present in the present. Then only you can be secure. So be very careful. When you are present be very present, that’s all. Then this is the only secret to be happy. This is the only secret to being very happy and giving happiness to others also.