11th February 1993

This beautiful satsang from 11th February 1993, includes the following interactions:

Papaji tells Bansi from Amsterdam to remove the veil of identification to be able to see the beloved. “Perhaps this lover has been waiting for you for a long time, direct the look into his face and see how beautiful it is. Stay here and now; here is eternal love beyond time.”

Soma from Bali writes a beautiful letter, “The love that I feel in you is the same that I feel in me.” and gets her name, “Today is your birth day. You will not be possessed by parents or priests. No religion here. Satsang has no founder. It was there even before the creator, creation and destruction. This name is untouched.”

This satsang also includes some beautiful musical offerings from a young African man, Reena from Delhi, Bansi and Yashodra, Prem Kumari, and ends with Mira from Bali singing “Papaji we love you. Papaji you love us too.” Unfortunately some of the original tape has deteriorated and therefore there are some video breaks.

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