Rid The Mind Of Diseases

We cannot meditate because of the diseases of the mind. These diseases are attraction and aversion, attachment and hate, anger and greed. For meditation you need a very healthy mind.

We have to get rid of these diseases of the mind. How can we meditate when our mind is diseased? While meditating you have to be very alert, vigilant and watchful so that for a little time during meditation these diseases don’t show up. In the beginning they may trouble you, they may rise up, but gradually they will go on vanishing. When they have vanished you will enjoy meditation while sitting, while walking, while talking, and at work. Then meditation will become your nature — will be spontaneous without any effort of sitting meditations.

There you will see your own Self which doesn’t need any meditation. You will be one with the Heart — the mind will merge into the heart and heart into the Self, and Self is always free. The Self is always wisdom, light and freedom itself. You have to be careful while meditating that these notions of attachment, hatred, greed and lust do not touch you.