Return to the Self

PAPAJI: Return back to the Self. Return back to your Self. The Self is full of love. Return back to the Self. You do not know the way, you have never tried. That’s what we have been speaking about. Return back, go to yourself and not anywhere else. Go to yourself and you will find a treasure house.

DEVOTEE: How I can go back to my self?

PAPAJI: Just now. Do it just now. It’s very simple. Just now, very simple. Understand? What is this simplicity? I am neither this nor that. That’s all. I am not the body. I’m not the mind. That’s all. You are at home. Are you the body? Are you this cloth which you are wearing? Are you the body? The body is flesh and bones and you’re not that. So who are you? Find out who you are. You’re not the body and you’re not the mind. I’m taking you to the treasure house. Without it you are a beggar. Without it you can’t enjoy yourself and you cannot give love to anybody else unless you are owner of this treasure and this treasure is already here. You are begging as you don’t know that the treasure is here already. You have to uncover and find out your own treasure which is already here. How to do it? Plunge into the treasure house rejecting everything, all the thoughts. Denude yourself of I am this, I am that, that’s all, and plunge. Do you follow? 

DEVOTEE: Not really.

PAPAJI: I’ve been speaking about this all morning. Find out ‘Who am I?’ Find out ‘Who am I?’ It’ll take you to this treasure. I was speaking this morning. Do it here. Write down and do it. Find out. You can do it now. If you are serious, throw away the begging bowl. You are on the throne. See it for yourself. It may happen that the routine stays for sometime because it’s a very old habit, no? The mind will drag you. It has been your friend for many years and now you are without it and you had this experience. It’s a beautiful question and now what you have to do. It’s a good question. You can find it, can’t you? Still you have a doubt about this.  But this experience is a very strong experience, therefore, simply look at it. Look at this doubt itself. Still you see, this question, you look at this question and I think that you have the answer.