Real Aloneness

You are alone. You are alone. Because aloneness is your nature. That’s why you go to sleep. You like to be alone. Before going home, if anyone says, “Let’s go to the pictures” or “Let’s go to a restaurant,” you answer, “No, I am going to sleep. It’s now high time. It’s now eleven at night. We will speak tomorrow.”

You want aloneness because aloneness is your nature. And you are always alone, you see. You have only divided and called yourself a name and form. This name and form is samsara, and this is imagination. And in this mirage, you say: “There is a river.” In the mirage you call, “There is a river. There is water. I want to have a shower. I want to swim in it.” This name, this river, in the mirage is only hallucination. It’s not there. So what is real has to be there always. And no name will be there.

In the beginning, there was neither name nor form. And now when you sleep you reject name and form. If you remember name and form, surely, you cannot go to sleep. If you think of anything, you can’t go to sleep. And they will call it paranoid or schizophrenic. You can’t sleep, that’s all. So something is wrong there. You have to reject name and form for final peace.

There is no guru either. This is a suggestion for you, to know your own eternal nature. That’s why this is given to you. This is just the opposite of concepts. This concept is given to you. Proceed like this, otherwise, all this is only imagination.

Please sit quiet and see what disappears — and what disappears is not the truth. Truth must be there always. Find out what is going to stay always with you. Close your eyes and shut your ears and shut your mind! In meditation, this is how we meditate, to shut our minds. And still, how happy we are, how happy we don’t see samsara. In meditation, we shut the tendencies of the mind and we are quiet and we return to our Self-nature, our eternal nature which is permanent and eternal and bliss. Call it anything, but no name.