Peace, Peace, Peace

In the beginning object is object. A mountain is a mountain — always a mountain is a mountain and the river is a river and the tree is a tree. Then, you change your concept. They change. Then the mountain is not a mountain, tree is not a tree and the river is not a river; you see that’s how it happens. So this depends on you. This depends upon your behavior, how you behave with what you want. You can live in love all your life. In love and peace, you can live with everything. We are here to live — this is our big family, you see, this is our very good family. We have a chance to live with so many good things but not with hatred nor with jealousies, never to kill. You are all divinities, divinities, you know, divinities. See something. You see the same thing in yourself and the same thing in the other person. If you can see that, then you see your own self in others and so you can’t harm anybody else: not humans, not even birds, not even animals, not even the rocks — they will all smile at you. You will see. You only just create love within your own self and see with love and with peace on everything and then you will get a response — but not otherwise.