Don’t Cling to Anything

 PAPAJI: This understanding is a finger pointing to you — pointing to who you really are. So don’t try to cling to the finger. Here the finger is understanding. Reject this understanding. Do you follow? Reject this understanding that you have understood. Don’t try to cling to understanding what you have so far understood. Get rid of all this understanding. What’s left? Get rid of all understanding that you have bagged — all understanding so far, up to this moment. Don’t touch this understanding at all. Then tell me where do you go and where do you come; what do you get and what do you lose?

Don’t try; don’t touch this understanding at all. This has been, itself, a barrier. The impediment was only understanding. This was the only impediment. So reject this impediment right now. Don’t hold any impediment. Reject everything that you have heard, touched, seen, heard or smelt or felt. Then when you have done it find out who you are.  Don’t touch any notion up to this instant. Reject this instant and tell me who you are.

 DEVOTEE: Then there’s no definition.

 PAPAJI: OK. Then there’s no definition. So if you don’t define anything what do you mean by here and there? This is also a definition. I understand ‘here.’ I am very well ‘here’ and when I go ‘there’ I don’t maintain that. So here and there are a definitions in space and time. So having rejected these definitions, just for one second, tell me what do you see?

DEVOTEE: I don’t see anything.

 PAPAJI: Anything. If you don’t see anything you are free. You can go wherever you want. You can do whatever you want to do. Don’t touch this. How simple.

 DEVOTEE: Yes, this is simple. This is true.

 PAPAJI: Yes, this is simple. This is so simple that you don’t accept it. It is so simple. You want difficulties. You are in habit of getting into difficulty and then asking someone how to remove this difficulty. Now you can ask me a question. I can very well see your face. Maybe millions of suns cannot shine from that place where the sun is getting its shine. Maybe a million suns will not be equal to that radiance which you are showing. Now you can speak from there. Do you need to understand what you are now, here? What do you want to understand?

 DEVOTEE: There’s no desire to speak. There’s just desire to share this sun, this rising, this beauty.