Papaji Mahasamadhi

The film covers the rituals which followed Papaji’s Mahasamadhi on 6th September1997, from the moment when Papaji’s body was brought back to Satsang Bhavan, where devotees paid their respects to his form. After dressing up the body in Papaji’s house, a procession took place to transport his body to the burning ghats in Lucknow. The funeral pyre was set on fire by Papaji’s elder son Surendra. Papaji’s body burned for 3 days and 2 nights and on the 3rd day, the bones and ashes were collected. A special pooja was held afterwards in Papaji’s house to bless the ashes.
The film then covers the train ride that his son and devotees took from Lucknow to Haridwar, where many of Papaji’s disciples from India and around the world joined up to offer the final farewell to Papaji’s form into His beloved Ma Ganga at the famous Har Ki Pauri ghat.

Filmed and edited with love and devotion by Mira Stannard.
Additional footage by Madhubala.


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