30th November 1992 – Renunciation – Part 1

Extracts from Papaji discourse (Om Shanti) of 30/11/1992: Freedom is not possible without renunciation. And we see for ourselves how all those in ancient times who were seeking freedom they had to renounce everything: kingdoms, queens. You must have burning longing for freedom, then the sutras are going to help you, also the satsang. What has to be renounced is only the mind. And working without the mind, this is something which is called renunciation.

Now you have to find out, “Who I am”, “Who I am.” Then by doing this, you will know exactly who you had been, and who you are. That energy, that Self, that substratum, is changeless. All the rest have changed. Even when the mind has gone, the senses are not functioning. This energy will function, and this energy is called Consciousness. This Emptiness is called Emptiness. And in this Emptiness, the Gautam, the Buddha, Siddhartha, always abide in this thing. He found his permanent abode in this Emptiness.

So, like this, you stay in this Emptiness without the mind. And this is called Consciousness. And this is another name of Freedom, Enlightenment, Emancipation, and end of all sorrow, suffering. And here ends the cycle of birth and death. So, this is all what has to be done. Now Itself. And you are Free. You have not to plan this, you have not to plan through any meditation, you are already Consciousness, you are already Bliss, you are already Existence.

This is all you have to do. So, renounce the mind. By renunciation of the mind don’t be afraid, because many people ask questions, “Without this we cannot work.” You try and see.

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