Make the Best of this Time

Everything is to be worshipped. Everything which you worship is That itself. What else could there be? If you have some gold you can make any shape out of it — any animal or bird — but its essential gold-ness will not be lost. Only the name and form can change, the gold-ness cannot be lost. If you understand this with your total consciousness you will see that everything which exists in consciousness must be consciousness itself. Everything in the river, every wave, every bubble, every tide must be made of the same substance which is liquid, which is water. Look at the river and not its expressions, like bubbles and waves. Knowing this you don’t need anything else.

This single instruction is quite enough for those who have deserved it, earned it through eons of time. Some will still postpone for a year or till the end of this incarnation. But why you are here? You are alive just to know who you have been, who you would be, and who you are now. You have lost track of it so you need some guidance. Find a guide and listen to him once. Follow him and you are out of this trap. If you don’t want to listen, it doesn’t matter; for after all, how long can this trap remain a trap? Somehow its trap-ness will have to be dissolved and solved once and for all.

One satsang is quite enough. Knowing this truth you are always in Satsang. Satsang means to live as Truth itself — which means to live as the Self, to live as consciousness. Who can say, “I am not my Self?” He who knows, “I am the Self.” is in Satsang. And if someone says, “I am not the Self,” it is still excellent — he is still in Satsang. If the fish in the water can cry, “I am thirsty,” it means she is alive in the water — she’s not thirsty. In Satsang you are not told to do anything — to practice anything — because there are no modifications; it is immaculate, it is pure, it is purity itself. You are pure. You may have been taught to believe that, “I am impure, I am bound,” but it is only talk. How can “I am” be impure or bound? To say “I am” is enough. If you add something to it there will be trouble.

Make the best of this time — don’t postpone. This postponement is called manifestation, is called bondage. Don’t postpone — you are here and now — you are free. This postponement is called mind which says, “I will do it later; I will do tomorrow.” Mind is past. Past is memory and memory is universe, manifestation, and repetition of births and deaths, suffering and tension. But just to know: “I am suffering,” is enough to end suffering. You must simply know what that “I am” is.