Looking for the Mind

DEVOTEE: My mind is looking round on all sides but
doesn’t seem to find the mind

PAPAJI: On all sides, yes. You are looking … ”My mind is
looking around.” But in reality, nobody looks. Nobody is
looking. Nobody looks at the mind. You are looking. When
you are looking at the mind there is no mind. When you
look at the mind, “My mind is looking around.” At that
time you have no mind. Try and tell me. Now you look
around the mind. You are here. No mind. Always look around
wherever you are and you’ll be safe. Always look for the
mind. Where are you? Come. When someone’s looking around,
when somebody’s looking, hiding, inviting. Have a dialogue
with the mind. Now you invite the mind. I will tell you
how to do it. Invite the mind and tell me if it is
accepting your invitation.


PAPAJI: No. (Chuckling) It will not accept it. No, because it
is an intruder, an invader. Mind is an invader. When you
are sleeping it attacks. Mind is the invader. When you are
sleeping it attacks. When you are awake, it does not. That
is the trick. You keep awake. That’s all and sleep, you
see. Nobody will come. Nobody will come when you are
awake. Nobody will come. Nobody, no thief will enter your
house if you are awake, but if you are ignorant then you
are in trouble, you see. So it’s all right. I’m very happy
with this experience. You have done it in the train, no?
You have done it in the train. Very nice of you. Thank
you. Now you celebrate. Good luck. But I want you to keep
this with yourself. Take this as prasad. Keep it for
yourself. Where is this, this thing? Keep this with you.
Always with you. OK?

DEVOTEE: Thank you, Papa.

PAPAJI: OK, you are a blessed person. OK.