Know What Is Real and Not Real

Even this body can be lost, yes, the body can be lost. Let it go. But the Self cannot be lost. Self was in the beginning and middle and the end. So you have to understand this. Self was in the beginning, is in the middle and will remain in the end — and that “I am”. That’s all. And it  is very reasonable, you see. You don’t need any special intellect to understand it. So you came here and you got something. You got it and somehow you erased your ignorance. Darkness was removed and you returned to light. That’s all. So this darkness may be there if the house is shut but immediately when you switch on the light the darkness will not exclaim, “I’ve been here for twenty years. Slowly I will go.” It will not say that. Immediately the darkness cannot face the light. The moment you switch on the light, darkness has no business to say, “I am here, living here in this house for twenty years, so give me some time to go.” No. It happens like this, instantly.

First of all, you have to discriminate what is real and what is not real. Because this was not done, you say you have lost it. There must have been some mistake here or there. This is most important. This is the foundation — discriminate what is real and what’s not real. Secondly, discriminate in your activity, your karmas. Third, look at your pleasure-seeking habits. And fourth, look at your desire for freedom.

All these three or four things have to go concurrently. Always concurrently. In everything you check: Is it real or unreal; is it wicked to do or reasonable, is it pleasure seeking — where am I drifting? Is the mind cheating me with the desire for enlightenment? They have to go concurrently, you see. Always keep in mind wherever you are, walking, talking, sleeping, waking up. Then how can you lose it now? You can’t lose it. If you have love with your own Self, you can’t get away, get out of it. OK, so now you have come back again. Never mind. You are after it. It shows that you are after it. It doesn’t matter. You are still young. Doesn’t matter. You have come back again. You are after it. It’s very good that you have made a repeated visit.