Kama and Rama

PAPAJI: Where there is Kama (love, desire, pleasure) there is no Rama and where there’s Rama there’s no Kama. Rama means indweller in the hearts of all beings and Kama means that which disturbs all, which disturbs all beings inside and outside. This is Kama. OK. Very nice.

Very nice. Excellent. I’m very happy to hear these words; otherwise, everybody’s weeping throughout the world, crying. Everybody’s weeping and crying, you see, because this Kama has stung. This serpent has stung every being in this world — man, animals, birds and everyone. Therefore, you are a lucky person witnessing the movie going on outside. This is very good because at home, when at home, you ask for anything, when you need anything it is fulfilled, and then there are no questions and you don’t need any answers. That’s why it is fulfilled.

When you recognize your own Self, when you know your own Self, you will know it definitely that you have known everyone and everything else, even rocks, birds, animals, men, gods, and what not. First know your Self. Having known your Self you have known everything.