It’s Right Here

DEVOTEE: Then there is no distance?

PAPAJI: No distance. That is called the source, OK? They say eight furlongs make a mile. Remove this concept of these milestones. There were no milestones fixed before. The distance was there. You started measuring, “I am so-and-so. I am this and I am that.” These are milestones. Now you want to make the world around you perfect. So first you seek your own perfection and you will not be frustrated. “Can you help me to see the world as perfect? ”So therefore, I tell you, find out your own perfection first. So instead of going somewhere else, seek the source. The source is, you’re always in the source. You ask me, “How to realize that you are in the source?” You say, “I want to realize the source”. It is not outside, it’s within you, within yourself, isn’t it? Who wants it? Who wants to know the source within oneself? Who? In your case you want. So when you say “I, I want to know my own source”, when you say the word  ‘I’; where do you arrive?

DEVOTEE: The source.

PAPAJI: No, anywhere ‘I’; is taking you? Where are you when you say simply ‘I’?

DEVOTEE: Right here.

PAPAJI: Right here. This is the source. ‘I’; when you say ‘I’; is the source. ‘I am so-and-so’, you are somewhere else. Now you start from ‘I’ and then you go anywhere, you’ll be still at the source because it is fathomless. There are no barriers. No demarcations. No frontiers. You are always in the source. When you say, “I am doing, I am eating, I am sleeping” you are still doing everything in the source itself. Try to do it and see it. Not theoretically listen, but have an experience, then only will you know that this is the perfection you asked for. “I am doing. I am eating. I am going.” You use these words in totality. Then you are in the source and this source is absolutely limitless, limitless. It includes all the planets, all the many solar systems. This source includes everything. There is nothing that this source does not include in it, nothing. So you have to be all and everything. Not only am I this body, I am so-and-so and this and that. Then you will become everything.

DEVOTEE: Thank you.

PAPAJI: Thank you.