It’s Really Very Simple

PAPAJI: [continuing to read from a letter] “Is it really so simple?” Yes, when you know it then you will just laugh. Everybody who’s been making efforts to get it for millions of years, making an effort, they will have a laugh that this is not through any effort that I got it. So one just laughs at it. It is so simple. It’s a shout that the time has been wasted so far for which no time was needed. I would have been happy years ago. So only then you say, ‘was it so simple?’ Yes it is very simple and it is difficult because of so much simplicity. What is so simple cannot be understood. What is so near cannot be seen as the eye sees everything, the eye cannot see itself, no? What’s the difficulty? Too close, too near. The eye can’t see itself because it is too near itself and it doesn’t need seeing at all. Therefore you don’t need to see anything. Your only need is to be and not to see. Therefore being is very simple and you cannot have it with any kind of effort. Being is being, you see. So it is so simple that people have to go to mountain caves and do tapas for many years. They will achieve some powers after many years’ practice. Still they cannot know being. It’s just being here and now — this very instant. Who believes it? The one who does, he will know, and he will laugh. He will call out that it’s so easy.


PAPAJI: [answering another question about the toughness of the search] You’re right. During the search, no one is happy. You see, this search is disturbing you, no? It disturbed you and then in the same way any search implies separation from something, doesn’t it? There the search starts and you are in tension; you are not happy, but now this search is not that search. You have not lost anything, but you are here already. You have not to search anything. Only you are searching for something that could be lost and that you have lost. So now here is the end of the search. Find out who has been enquiring into what and what for. So this is end of all enquiries to ask who has been doing practice, who is wanting what, who has been separate from whom all these. Simply look at it and you have done your work. OK, now you understand? No enquiry?

So fifteen years, your fifteen years’ efforts have paid off. You know the meaning of shanti? Every day we chant let there be shanti, let there be peace among all beings. This shanti is within and then you can have this shanti only when you know your Self. When you are at home then only you are at peace. How long you can stay in the supermarket? You are never at peace. You have to go back home for peace, isn’t it? You run back home. So this is the home. Do you feel at home now? Yes? OK. Very few people have. OK. I thank you very much.

[A female devotee spoke about an extraordinary experience of peace and joy while sleeping]

PAPAJI:Yes, this was not a dream. You have heard of sleeping, dreaming and waking. This is not a dream. This is something else. You cannot have these beautiful things in anybody’s dreams. I can tell you how it happened in many other cases too, but it’s something very transcendental; it’s a super state of mind. You can call it, for the time being, turiya. That’s the fourth state. Here these things happen. You transcended the sleep state. Everyone speaks only of dreaming and sleeping, isn’t it? So this is a transcendental fourth state. In turiya, these things can happen. When the mind is very weak or no mind, at times you have this kind of happy moments: satsang, visions of gods, seeing one’s guru and peaceful in the next waking state. You will feel that — you will bring down this dream into the next waking state and that will give you peace. It’s called the fourth state and then it will also reach you somewhere else. It is better not to say any more. I have nothing more to tell you. It is now happening. It’s in the process. It works itself out. You are on the way home. I’m very happy about you. You are doing very well. OK.

PAPAJI [to another devotee]: Oftener? More often, oftener. This means that the moments are waiting for you. This is excellent. You are at one place and things move in front of you. This is not a glimpse. You have read it very well. This is not a glimpse. Now you are staying as the substratum and the things move in front of you: the moments, even waking, dreaming, sleeping. All these moments. Any peace that is moving in front of you is also there. Anything that disturbs you comes and goes — that also you are watching, but you are not disturbed.