“No Teaching No Teacher No Student” by Rama Crowell

This all time favourite interview by Rama Crowell, which was done for the documentary “Call off the Search”, includes the following questions:

If you had to sum up your teaching in one or two sentences, what would they be?
Can we not learn from the past?
Is there something you can say to people to decondition from the past?
For what reason do the scriptures exist?
Does the yearning for freedom arise spontaneously?
Can only knowledge counter ignorance?
What is the origin of ignorance and where does it inhere in the individual self?
How does the atman become clouded with ignorance?
Is there anything lacking in consciousness?
Is separation real or not?
Where does the ‘I’ arise from?
What is the dream state and where does the light in one’s dreams come from?
What makes knowing being?
To whom does knowledge occur? If you have eliminated mind, how can you know anything?
Who is the witness in sleep?
How do we remove the ‘I’-ness that conceals the witness?
Do you believe that a Guru is responsible for his actions? Is this a valid way of determining the quality of a teacher?
What are the most important qualifications for a true disciple? What is important for a seeker who sincerely wants to be free?
How can we distinguish a true teacher? How can a person know that a teacher is the right teacher, a good teacher?
What is the place of devotion in your teachings?
What is nirguna bhakti, love for the formless?
What is the best way to work with devotion to the Guru, to utilize that devotion for freedom?
What is surrender?
Is there a place for sadhana in your teaching?
In your presence some people get a glimpse through direct but then this glimpse disappears. Would it not be more helpful to equip them with a means of holding onto the experience?
Cannot sadhana be a fruitful illusion that can fit the mind to hear the Truth from a teacher?