“This moment” by Ber Pakuma (Madhukar)

In this interview from the 12th of April 1994 Papaji answers the following questions:
. Who are you?
. What is the essence of your teachings or non teachings?
. What is a realized person and are you realized?
. Is there any difference between realization and enlightenment?
. Is there any God and what or who is he?
. Is there any process or progress before realization?
. Why the advice of not to practice when you yourself have done dozens of thousands of hours of practices?
. Isn’t mind just another creative expression of life? How can it be dropped? . Is the human form the only way to realize?
. Is there any connection between Osho and you?
. Does Papaji have an ego?
. Why so many seekers when they go back to the west lose it?