I Trust You Are All Lions

All ignorance has been started by shepherds. Shepherds are for sheep. I trust that you are lions. Lions are not to be herded; wherever they go they are on their own track. There are no lion herds; there are only sheep herds. You are all lions — so go your own way. Do not walk the beaten path like sheep, one after another. Do not follow any path. Lions do not follow each other like sheep.

Most people are sheep, following shepherds all over the world. Religions are started by shepherds and people become followers like sheep. But wherever you go you are lions, and there are no paths for lions. Wherever a lion walks, that is the path. For a lion no path is the only path. So don’t count yourself among sheep needing a shepherd. Your way is no way — it is to know who you are. This is not following like a sheep. This is a novel approach, so far unknown. Once known, it is known for good. He who knows this has fulfilled the purpose of the striving of human life. He is happy and peaceful. He enjoys both here and hereafter.

Please, don’t become sheep. Don’t follow anyone. Don’t look here and there. Don’t look anywhere. Stop looking. Stop all your imagining of the future and conceptualizing of the past. Keep yourself in this moment, which is no moment. Find out where this moment is rising from, where time is rising from, where this thought is rising from, and you will see you have always been at Home. You don’t need anything more!