How to Bring about Peace

“Quiet’ doesn’t mean that a person should sit like a statue. Peace means that there should be no concept or thought in mind. If thought arises in the mind, time will also arise. When the thought that produces time vanishes time also ceases to exist. Then there is true peace. Anyone can try this. Keep quiet for a single instant. Don’t allow the mind to stir. For a single moment be without any thought of the past. In that moment you will see that there is no thought, no time, no world. This is what I mean by peace. In that instant everything will be peaceful. If you keep quiet you will see that the whole world is quiet.

This world does not exist at all If you sit quietly for a single second  you will bring peace to the world because in that moment there is no world. Then do it for the next second, and the next. This the way to bring about peace, but you have to do it yourself and see.