Seeing is Being

This video compilation put together for Gurupurnima 2018 includes the following interactions: Devotee: Feeling half cooked and leaving soon. Papaji: Cut the rope of time. No notion or attachments for a split second. Get rid of all engagements for one second. Time-mind-desire is past, graveyard. Always have association with Now. Presence. Peace.

Papaji speaks of the Fourth State: the state of Turya. Be awake while asleep. He mentions an interview with Christopher Titmuss where he tells him to look at the last moment before sleep and the moment before awakening. Beyond this state is Anant: no frontier, no comings and no goings.

In the last beautiful interaction, Papaji explains that the revelation of Truth is a mystery. All is illusion. There is no teacher and no student. The ultimate truth of emptiness is neither reject nor accept anything.

The compilation finishes with a devotional song offering by Vedant.

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