In this search the question is lost

This compilation made to celebrate Guru Purnima 2020, includes the following clips:
– A discourse from 19th December 1993 on THE MIND AND ITS ORIGIN. “Mind is a notion. Like a ghost, it doesn’t exist. ‘I am bound’ and ‘I am free’ are notions. The origin of the universe is centred in the ‘I’ thought. If you go to the origin of where it arises from, everything will be known to you and you will get dissolved into this state where everything arises and realise that nothing has ever arisen.”
– Papaji tells Sim, an Australian man who asks, “How to know the right question?” that the most important question is to search one’s own self, where all questions will be lost.
– Jayananda uses the analogy of laying on the back of a crocodile to tell Papaji that he feels incomplete and still stuck in samsara. Papaji explains that the only way out is to have the strong conviction, “I want to be free”. This is the fire which will burn everything and needs to be kept alive under any circumstances.
– A young German man has attended satsang for the first time only the day before and writes to Papaji that he feels something should have happened then. On the second day, he has an awakening.

The compilation ends with a devotional song by Kamdeva – Marco Mazzella, titled “Hallelujah” from the album “The Lucknow Project” with behind the scenes footage of Papaji walking and feeding ants and from Gurupurnima Celebration in Lucknow in 1995.

Please watch with English Captions on.

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