Freedom Is Always Here

DEVOTEE: Do we need to prepare the body [for enlightenment]?

PAPAJI:  Prepare the body? You have to very well look after your body. Body, a strong body, a strong mind, good food, then only will you think of this freedom, otherwise it will not come. A sick person will be concentrating upon his sickness. It needs a very healthy body, a very healthy mind, which is the outcome of good food. Then only desire of freedom can rise. Desire of freedom can never rise in the heart of a man who is suffering, who’s sick. He will be concentrated on the sickness only. A healthy person is not conscious of his body, you see. It is the sick man, ‘I have got a temperature, I am suffering from fever’. The sick man is like this. Only in a healthy person, in a healthy mind, then only desire from freedom can rise, one in a million. Neither a sick man can hear nor a man who is involved in so many kind of troubles, sufferings. It’s very rare that a person can have desire for freedom; therefore, it’s a very rare phenomenon to feel this desire [for liberation]. 

So I am very happy that so many people have come here for freedom. I am very happy for this and this gives me a sense of wonder. Never has it happened in any other century that so many people want enlightenment. It is a phenomenon that so many people want freedom. It is really a miracle. It’s a rare phenomenon to find so many people who aspire for freedom. But the result will be that very few will get freedom. All the rest will go back. In this path there are no companions. How many friends or companions do you have in your own cities who want freedom? You don’t have many friends sitting at table and discussing freedom. Very few. Nobody, no society, no family – the talk of freedom is not there. Maybe all other things are discussed morning to night. Nobody discusses freedom. You see, if you discuss it they say, “He’s cracked!” So freedom is always there. That’s what I say. Freedom is always there. You don’t need any bodybuilding. You don’t need any bodybuilding, otherwise, the heavy weight boxers would be the first to get it.

You just go your way, ‘I want to be free’ and nothing will touch you. Even your body will be fine, very healthy, you see. It will not be touched; no disease can touch the body that is aspiring for freedom. If you miss freedom then all kind of diseases will attack you. You will have a very vulnerable body for diseases and everything. Just keep the thought alive, this candle, let it be alive in your heart, the candle of freedom. That’s all you have to do and then keep quiet. That’s all.