The Master Never Dies

Among you here, there is often this question — have we betrayed our previous teachers? This question has been asked and is being asked every day.

There was one girl, who was here for a couple of months and has now she has gone back. She sent me that question, giving  a reference to a book along with the photostat of the book.

The name of this book is Tariqa, which means method. [Papaji reads] “Remember if you can find a real master alive, you will not be going against a previous master. No two real masters are enemies.”

They cannot be enemies if you really followed one — if you have really followed him (Gurdjieff) then he has brought you here. Now if you want to create a barrier between me and you in the name of Gurdjieff it is for you to choose. What I am saying is exactly what Gurdjieff was doing. Of course, I speak a different kind of language — I am a different kind of person, but only our fingers differ. The moon that we are pointing to is the same.

If you have been following a real master and the master is no more, then it is responsibility of the master to send you to another real master so that your growth can continue. Now don’t be obsessed by the past. Soon I will not be here either. And remember, I would like to remind my disciples, especially if you really love me, when I am gone I will direct you to people who will  be  still alive so don’t be afraid of that.

If I send you to Tibet or if I send  you to China, or if I send  you to Japan or to Iran, go. Don’t say that because you belong to me you cannot belong to another real teacher. Just look in the eyes and you will find my eyes again. The body will not be the same but the eyes will be the same. If your journey is not complete with me while I am here, if something is still to be done, complete it, then don’t be afraid. By dropping me you will not be betraying me. In fact, by not dropping me, and by not following the real, the alive master, you will be betraying me. Keep it in mind.