Don’t Stir the Mind

Consciousness is like the Kohinoor, the world’s most precious diamond. No one has yet attained it, yet it has to be aspired for, reached for — something fresh, something new. How can it be unattainable and yet be desired? Because in its attainment the knower, the known and the means of knowing all merge into That itself. So it is both attained and yet never attained. In the realization of consciousness you have attained everything that is worth attaining. It is complete and perfect. It is moksham — liberation. It is emancipation, it is perfection. You can call it bliss, you can call it beyond bliss. People call it emptiness, people call it fullness, yet it is beyond words. It has never been described so far. It is That which has to be aspired for — something which you have never heard described before. It cannot be held in memory, nor can it be seen, heard, touched or thought about.

When the mind blinks for a moment everything arises. This manifestation is the result of just one blink of the mind. If you don’t blink for this single moment everything will cease. If you don’t stir the mind just for this instant — this finger snap — that which I speak about is here and now. And, my dear friends, you are That — you are That — you are That.

If you have heard these words without them landing anywhere — without them touching your memory — you have gone beyond. If somehow this has penetrated into the memory, trespassed there, then you will have to fall in love with it, keep fully devoted to it. Walking, talking, sleeping, dreaming, on awakening each day — always keep in touch with it — think of it, speak to it, even worship it. This, which is beyond everything, is the only thing to be worshipped. Don’t be afraid to worship this, because all things are within This, which I speak about.