Don’t Be Afraid of this Fire

If you have a burning desire to be free, this alone is enough. This desire will burn the whole universe. If you have a burning desire for freedom it will burn your mind, your ego and your body. Let it burn. And if you find anything that is not being consumed in the flames, throw it on the fire because whatever enters the fire becomes fire itself. This desire for freedom will also be consumed in the fire. Let it burn because what remains afterwards when everything has burned is That. This is the easy way to freedom, but i happens very rarely because so few people really have this burning desire to be free. People want freedom but they also want other things. When these other things are desired, the fire for freedom cannot be all-consuming. It is these other desires that bring you back into this universe again and again. Personal will will keep you in this universe and prevent the fire for freedom from igniting properly. Throw this will on the fire so  you no longer have any will to do this or that. 

Don’t be afraid of this fire. It is love itself. Many people are afraid of this fire, but those who manage to destroy themselves in this fire don’t die. They carry on living. But they are rare beings. Very few people have shown this love for freedom. Very few people have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into this fire of love.