Direct Perception

Now where is the ‘I’ rising from? Go back, go back and see where it is rising from. Where it is springing from? Which is the foundation? Which is the fountain from where the ‘I’ arises first?

Before you open your mouth, you will have to be very careful. Now you have rejected all of these things. Who I am is gone and now you are searching somewhere else. Here is wisdom so [you have to use] whatever instrument is available, to speak, to define the indefinable. Now you are in a different situation. Touch it, see it, tell me the name and form. Without eyes, without ears, without nose, without tongue, and without touch, without body. Try to behold the form.

This is going to be direct perception. All the rest are indirect, through the senses, through the brain, at least. Through mind, indirect. Everything that you have done has been indirect seeing. Indirect perception, through the eyes, through the senses, that only you have been seeing. This is going to be very direct perception. Very direct, not through the mind. Anything done through the mind, through the senses, is indirect perception, indirect relationships, and indirect realities.

This is going to be a very direct perception, self to self. So don’t make the mistake to answer this question now. It is going to be a very direct perception, self to self. Where there is no subject and no object, all are obliterated finally, ultimately to give you rest. This is peace. This is called peace. This is called liberation from hitchhiking millions of times. This will give you rest. This is called eternal peace. And this is your nature, you didn’t get it from anywhere else. You didn’t get it from anywhere. This is here. This has been here. You did not want something else.

So this is direct perception. You need no prayer here, you see. Even prayer is indirect. That will take you to the transit lounge. There is no transit here — it’s very direct. You are what you are. You are what you have been. No transit, no transport to any other region. Again you will fall. Yes. So not any prayer is needed. Nothing is needed. Just keep quiet, that’s all.