Delight Is Always Fleeting

Action which originates from the mind without attachment we can call Non-action. In fact, this activity arises without mind at all. We can call this No-mind. You may be doing many things in the world, but if there is no attachment to the outcome or to the objects of action, you remain free.

The delight which comes from sensory experience is always fleeting. When an experience is repeated an earlier desire, which had been stored in memory, is recalled to repeat the experience. The delight derived from that experience is already past — not fresh — because it has been recalled. First, you need desire, then an object of desire, then experience through the senses. Only an unwise person seeks to repeat experience. A wise person knows that every experience, every delight, is fleeting and will not touch it. Everyone in the world is unhappy; not a single person finds happiness because they delight in old experience. No one asks for anything fresh, not only the common man but even kings, even diamond merchants. Kings want diamonds like the Kohinoor diamond to be happy. No one’s desires are fulfilled.

There is something very precious which is not stored in the memory. Give it any name or no name, it will bring satisfaction and bliss. It will take you beyond bliss.

Nobody gets out of this trap of delight — everybody is caught in it. You look for bliss but where is it to be found? Bliss means anything not recalled from memory. This will never be discovered on your own because it is found only through association with a sage, a perfect person, one who has known it and can enable you to have this experience, or from the recorded experiences of ancient sages in authorized sutras.

With the help of your own desire for abiding happiness, for abiding bliss, for freedom, you will discover something beyond that, which can be called consciousness. There’s nothing beyond consciousness. Once you attain consciousness there’s nothing more to be attained. Anything that can be attained will be lost.