What is death? Fear of death? There are beings, bodies everywhere — under the water, under the ground, over the earth, in the air. So many, they cannot be counted — billions, trillions of bodies. All have to die. And death will happen to each body. Even after death, and death is following each body; even after, death will bring another body and then again, death. That’s repeated for millions and millions of years unless you remove this fear of death.

What is the body? Earth, water, fire, air that’s all. This is the body and these are the elements. Somehow integration of earth, fire and air has taken place — and then it disintegrates at the time of death. So if we realize it — and understand it — “These are the elements, but I am not the elements. I am not this body. I am not perishable. I am imperishable Brahman,” then perhaps you have solved this problem once and for all and you will not wear this body again.

And how to do it? When you have found conviction of ‘I,’ don’t talk of reality. When you use, “I am this ‘I’” and you have firm conviction of ‘I’ — and this ‘I’ is identified with the body — don’t talk of enlightenment, freedom or reality or truth or bliss or ananda whatsoever. It’s not possible. And this ‘I’ is universe, bondage. When ‘I’ arises the universe arises, the bondage arises. And when there is no ‘I’ — no concept of ‘I’ — that’s called freedom.