Death and Eternity

Papaji speaks about the blessings that derive from sitting with a realized being. He says that, among other things, close association with an awakened teacher will remove the fear of death. He advises nourishing the desire to be free and to “come with empty hands” and minds to the teacher. He goes on to explain that any concept, including the concept of birth and death, stands as an obstacle to awakening. He encourages devotees to always aspire for that which lies beyond birth and death, what he calls “the Changeless,” which abides in the cave of the heart. Constantly meditate on the Changeless, the Self.

In one interaction Papaji addresses Samsara by using the analogy of a man stuck in a well, who is enjoying the honey falling from a tree (sense desires), while he forgets that underneath a crocodile is waiting for him (death), and two rats (day and night) are slowly cutting the rope (life) he is hanging on. He says, “If you know it, jump out of the well, search for freedom. If you have taste for freedom you will enjoy, and this crocodile will not trouble you.”

This DVD is available with subtitles in English, German, Norwegian, French, Italian, and Korean.

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