Dealing with Fear

PAPAJI: [answering a question about fear]
The only way to avoid fear is to always investigate
within you. Return back to your inner being, you see, and
then you will not have fear. Fear is outside, no? Fear is
not within. When there is sun there’s no darkness. So this
is the sun when you look back into your heart.

How to look at it? Now just sit or keep the attention at the
heart and be aware, keep aware, you see, and you will not
have any kind of fear. Keep your thought inside and you
can remain active outside. You’ll see. Keep inside your
attention here on the heart, not this, not the physical
heart of the left side of the chest. Not the blood-
propelling heart. The heart of a wise man is on the right
side. So you turn to your heart on the right side. Just
two inches from here, just keep it on the right side. Keep
your attention, be always there and then you will receive
energy from this to work also and there’ll be no fear at

So regarding your name also, the name of fearlessness
is Abhaya, did you know? I will write it down for you on
the same letter and give you back the letter so that you
remember it. OK?