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Papaji began every satsang with “Let there be peace and love among all beings of the universe.”  A beautiful prayer that is also the candle he lit when he gave his blessing to the Avadhuta Foundation when it was founded in 1993. Through his grace and love, the Avadhuta Foundation continues to be an expression of his light and wisdom.

Organized in Boulder, Colorado where it remains to this day. One of Avadhuta’s first volunteers and founders, worked full time in technology and at the end of his work day would make copies of Papaji’s satsangs (vhs and audio cassettes) and ship them, one by one, all over the world to those interested in meeting Papaji but were unable to meet him in person. Many people found the truth and love of the Master in this way.
The Foundation continues this tradition. Every month over 500k seekers of this truth from all over the world watch, listen and read Papaji’s satsangs and hear directly from the Master his timeless message. To learn more about the Avadhuta Foundation you can read below a more detailed description of our offerings.

Thank you for your support.

Let there be peace and love amongst all beings of the universe.

The Avadhuta Foundation is grateful that it can be sustained entirely by donations. With 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(b) nonprofit status (FEIN #84-1465779), donations are tax-deductible. The Avadhuta Foundation does not directly solicit donations from our donors, once a year we have a fundraiser which we send out a general announcement. Not soliciting donations is Papaji’s tradition which honor.

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Avadhuta welcomes volunteers, you do not need to be local, if you have time or a special skill to offer we would love to hear from you.

Your donation supports:

Foundation Maintenance

Avadhuta is run by volunteers and most of our offerings are free of charge. To keep the foundation operational we rely on paid contractors to help us with our accounting, website maintenance and digital media.

Physical Archival Storage

The entire collection of Papaji’s archives– photos, letters, books, digital masters and equipment is housed by the Foundation. We keep this collection in temperature-controlled storage off site.

Digitizing and Preservation

The Avadhuta Foundation continues to digitize and preserve Papaji’s archive of audio and visual media, keeping his message of freedom accessible to future generations.

Digital Platforms

The Avadhuta Foundation has multiple digital platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud. We share updates and links to new content on multiple social media channels .

Global Community

Papaji books and videos have been translated/subtitled into more than 10 different languages. We provide support as needed for the creation of these translations.

Special Projects and Celebrations

Three times a year the Foundation use to host dinner celebrations in the Boulder community for Papaji’s Birthday, Gurupurnima and Mahasamadhi. In lieu of in person celebrations we now share special video compilations with our global sangha via our YouTube channel and social media platforms.