Consciousness Will Take Care of You

DEVOTEE: If I am conscious, does consciousness affect the body?

PAPAJI: No, no. I am taking you to consciousness to which the body belongs. Then when you ask the question it means you are the body and you want to cling to consciousness. That makes the difference. Does the body rise from consciousness or does consciousness arise from the sleep state? You enjoyed your sleep state. So you are consciousness itself and this consciousness is producing the bodies, all the bodies, all manifestations, as the ocean produces the waves. Now what is the difference between body and the waves? And between the wave and the ocean? And between body and consciousness? What is the difference? If you know this, just let the body be there, let the activity be there, let the manifestation be there, let the relations be there, but be aware, keep aware, “I am conscious.” Then there’s no problem. The body? You are conscious of the body and you were conscious when you have no body also in the sleep state.

DEVOTEE: It can go on its normal way?

PAPAJI: It can go on its own better than normalcy. You will be looked after but not by the ego. Now you started with the body, didn’t you? This is ego and then the consciousness, this super power, will take care of all the bodies.