Being Nothingness

 This ‘I’ — which is rising from nothingness — wants to be free, just like a wave rising from the ocean wants to go to the ocean. Same thing. The ‘I’ arose from nothingness and this ‘I’ wants to be free.

When you say, “Freedom is gone. I want to be free,” you return to ‘I’ . Now look underneath the ‘I’. And ‘I’ also goes, doesn’t it? The raindrop falling into the ocean, just a tiny raindrop falling from the clouds, has this fear — ‘I am falling’, just like ‘I’, one drop of rain is falling from clouds. Falling, falling on the ocean, clearly thinking, ‘I will be destroyed!’ However, as soon as it touches the ocean, the fear is gone.

Now become ocean. This drop, this ‘I,’ touching the ocean has become ocean. And from where does it arise? It is rising from within itself, within itself. Remove the notion of falling. Freedom is also a notion, you see. Now what is there — nothingness. The notion of freedom, to be free, is no longer there. Therefore, there is nothingness. Now stay at nothingness. In nothingness there is no ‘I’ and no desire for freedom, let alone bondage. Now you are nothingness. Now you look around nothingness. Nothingness is nothingness, all around nothingness — top, bottom, all sides is nothingness. Nothingness is nothingness. Full of nothingness, you see. Look around and see. Look within the nothingness and tell me what are you seeing within the nothingness.

Only nothingness.