All This Is Mind

All this is mind. Whatever you see is mind. A notion arises and that particular object manifests in front of you. This is true of any object: past, present, and future. The whole manifestation is just a notion — objectified mind — nothing else. Unless we are aware of this mind there can be no peace, so we often speak about this. Even your body is a notion of the mind and you call it real. Then you become this object and other relations also become real. No one is willing to take the return journey — back to the beginning, to where the notion arises, because our senses are outgoing.

When a notion arises an object which is manifested is the desire of your own mind and it becomes absolutely real. Even your body is a notion. Let us start with this. If you don’t give rise to the notion, “I am the body,” there is no body. This body is an object of the mind, a thought in the mind, including the senses and all their activities moving towards different objects of sight, sound, hearing, tasting, and touch. This whole manifestation in front of you is only your notion — actually it doesn’t exist. Only when we successfully understand this will you have tremendous peace and eternal happiness. That has always been your fundamental nature.

How did this manifestation arise in the beginning? If you follow the track backwards and discover its source — the place where it is rising from — you might find out for yourself, by yourself, without any effort or thought. There must have been a time when there was no creation and no creator. Everything is rising from that place which you do not know. Everybody wants to be happy, wants to be blissful, wants to be eternal, wants to avoid death; because this is our nature. Death is not our nature. Our nature is eternity — to be free of death and rebirth, of sorrow and suffering. We avoid death, disease, and suffering because this is a natural instinct in everybody. Neither man, nor animals like to suffer. There was a time when there was only peace — this is called shanti. Nothing else was there. Even the creator was not created at that time, let alone the creation. Only by returning there will we find peace, not by sitting in meditations or doing anything else. Here and now we can again try to discover this source, this fountain from where this mind itself and all thought arises.

With this question you will have to go to the root of thought itself. Doing this exercise you do not stir a thought, or mentate, or activate the mind, or make any kind of effort. We speak again and again of this because except in this method you are wasting your time in postponements. It will take you this instant of time to know who you are. It takes this very instant of time.

In this same instant of time the creation began and lived and is destroyed. It is the same instant. And it is the same instant that kept you bound in a never-ending cycle of incarnations of birth and death. This is the same instant. And again it is going to take you the same instant to return home. It is all in this instant. This instant is beyond time. Time is also a notion of the mind. The mind is also a notion, like a wave rising from the ocean.

That ocean of eternal peace is you. What is the difficulty that we suffer from? It is that we seek peace elsewhere and do not experience that we are peace incarnate itself. We do not have to find peace, we do not have not to attain peace. We are peace itself, and perhaps even beyond it.

This does not take time. A few of us have done it here in ourselves. We are happy, and we will be happy if the whole world is happy. This is what we speak of again and again. I am not going to give you any method which will make you waste your time and postpone this project for the next life. Do it here and now. When I tell you that it is this instant why don’t you make use of this instant? You will not through any method — not by doing anything nor by doing nothing. Just stay quiet and you will see what the secret has been that you have been missing. The treasure was within you and you were begging.

29 June, 1992