Wild Wedding – A Poem to Shambhu

Wild Wedding
Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambhu

Drunk Yes,
I get drunk on the perfume of sun petals stuck on your skin
From your wild mane, I breathe the scent of golden savannas
I drink the saliva of the volcano of lives
A drop of ocean pearls on my hatched lips
And united with the halos of your soul, I implode
The adamantine lava of Love in my blood
On my body, the waves of entasis dance
I feel like a woman and you are the Man

I’m looking at you, primitive warrior
Sitting on the plural idol, you laugh, wild laughter of the fool
Under the crown of mad gods, you dance
Rebellious gypsy, you dance
You sing the inaudible melody of the unspeakable
And you look at me Aquamarine, mineral flash
Our paths meet and drift apart
Opaque night Seven moons in the New World

I hydrate myself with the transparent vulvae of the Mystery
In the sanctuary of loneliness, the mirrors of the past fade
The sacrificial fire sets me ablaze
And I pray, me, the unholy priestess
Seven black moons

Riding the last embers of my livid soul,
I fly East Kiss the West of my heart
I fly further East Reconcile with the Orient of my blood
Where the thousand faces of God embrace and annihilate
You are there

Ramana, Arunachala, orange earth
I, you, we bow down
In the virgin crater of ecstasy, our hearts come together
Captured by the talons of taboo love
You breathe the nectar from my amber body
The flower of surprise in hand

Valentine’s Day
Under the inert gaze of the obsidian moon
A human naga wraps around the sacred mountain
The serpentine dance of the Shiva Ratri
Cosmic spiral
Bewitched, I walk, you walk, we walk

At the heart of the tourbillon, the movement stops
In the temple of silence, time stands still
Wisdom dances
Yes, Shiva laughs and dances

Banana leaves, coconut, marigolds, jasmine, roses
At the foot of the Shiva lingam, a wild priest unites us
And forever disappears.
Swayambhu lingam! The mirage has come to life
Infinity tears our hearts apart
Bewitched, I walk, you walk, we walk

Today On the shamanic palm
The faces of thought are dying
We vanish into the ocean of the indescribable
Between turquoise blue and emerald green
At a time when time implodes
On the golden sands of eternity
A lion, two roses
And the finger of the sun

Corfu/Bali, 1999

Poetry by Mukti De Coux
Guitar by Shambhu François Lavigne
Music by Narayan Jens Börner
Video by Svaha Anja Tiefensee