27 December 1994 — Loving Only the Eternal Is the Secret

Papaji reads a letter:

Dear Papaji, I sat before you with many questions several days ago. And your advice was to ’embrace my boyfriend’.

After you advised me to embrace my boyfriend, I started searching for him, but he is very shy. Just when I think I can go close to him to embrace him and kiss him, he runs away from me. So I chase. But when I run after him, he seems to be running faster than me.

I know you must have met many American women.  It is not unusual for the American who wants to embrace her boyfriend to go after him and get him easily. So you can imagine how frustrating this chase is to this particular American woman. Perhaps you could make a formal introduction for me, then he may not be so shy.

My agency is famous. Many girls who want to connect with this boyfriend use my services. For the last sixty years I have had a flourishing business. That is why they all come here. If you go to an agency in Washington to find a boyfriend, you will end up paying a lot of money. You can spend $1,000 there and still not come up anyone you like. But I don’t charge anything for my services here. And the boyfriend I introduce all the girls to stays eternally. Once you have caught hold of him, you will never have to worry about him running away.

First, though you have to attract him with your beauty. If you are in good shape; if you are young, beautiful and loving, he will pick you up and take responsibility for you. He is very cheap to run. You never need to spend any money on him.

You say that he is shy. I don’t agree. He is always available. He is always standing there, waiting to embrace you. Right now he is standing in front of you. His arms are extended; he is standing on his toes, reaching out for you. His mouth is open, his lips are waiting for the kiss that he wants from you. He has very long arms that embrace the whole of creation. How can you miss him? What else do you need? You say that American women are very good at pursuing and catching boyfriends. So why can’t you catch hold of this one who is standing right in front of you, and who wants more than anything else to be in your arms?

I told you that you have to make yourself young and beautiful for him. To do this you have to want nothing except him. When this happens, you become so attractive to him, he rushes to you. When you want only him, you won’t need to search for him any more. He will already be in your arms.

So, it is not a difficult search. Your trouble, though, is that you are still looking for other­ things. He doesn’t want to interrupt your other business. He is a very polite man. If he sees that you are busy with something or someone else, he will not interrupt. He is only waiting for the moment when you have no other business in the world except him.

If you still cannot find him, I will give you another hint. Make no effort whatsoever to look for him or for anything else and you will find that he is already in your arms. In fact, you will be surprised to discover that he has always been there and that it was just your idea that you had to go looking for him.

You have to organise your priorities. First, you have to decide that you are not going to give your love to anyone or anything that is not permanent. Have you ever seen any person who is not going to disappear one day, including your own self? Have no love for your own little self, and have no love or desire for any of the transient things that appear before you. Make a decision: I am going to avoid having contact with anything or anyone who is not eternal.

Your love for the eternal boyfriend must be pure. It. must not be contaminated or diluted with love for anything else. Love only the eternal, and when you do you will find that the eternal is love itself. Make yourself one with the eternal and discover the secret that the lover and the beloved were never in fact separate. That’s all you have to do. 

Did you get the secret?