12th September 1992 – Desire, belief, ignorance: all is mind

This Satsang starts with a discourse where Papaji explains that everything experienced is mind. “There is no difference between the dream and waking states. In deep sleep all desires return to ignorance, dormant to sprout again. To end this process, avoid desires by rejecting not suppressing. Who is enjoying? One desire will result in next incarnation. We have strong belief of existence. By discrimination reality is that that does not appear or disappear. Ignorance can be checked by reason: this snake is a rope. We return to pure mind and keep quiet. Now you are alone. Facing directly into your own self shining in the heart.”

Other highlights:
. Papaji replies a question about being with someone who is dying. “What is death? Disintegration of the elements. You are going back home. Have no desires or attachments up to the last breath. If you have anyone in your mind you will have to re-appear.”
. Papaji responds to a question on despair and hopelessness with an analogy: “Drew drops from plant falling into river becomes river itself. The experiencer has to die into the experience and not return. Pleasure and pain need to be gotten rid off. Situations will never change. Silence is always there.”
. Papaji tells the story of a woman who was burning her arm in the oven while thinking of God, completely oblivious of what was happening. “Reject all and you are at peace.”