The Concept of Time

DEVOTEE: … Do you have any tricks to stay in the present.  I mean to stay in the present.


DEVOTEE: …instead of being glued, attracted, sucked in by the movie, by the past or future?

PAPAJI: No past is dead. Why live in past? 

DEVOTEE: I understand the reasons, theoretical, but how not to be attracted to the past or the future? You might as well be starved…

PAPAJI: No, no because unless, unless there’s an attraction — you have not seen the attraction of the present. Unless this attraction of the present is there, how can you look even into the past or future. There must be present, no? Someone must be in the present moment to call the past and future. There must be someone in the present. You are speaking from present, isn’t it, now? You’re speaking from present. Now find out here who is in the present. You’ve never questioned it before. You have questioned it only in the past, only in the past, therefore, past is always available to you. When you speak of past it is the graveyard. You can’t avoid it. How many times has it attracted you?

DEVOTEE: All the time.

PAPAJI: How many times have the graves attracted you? If you speak of past and if you don’t speak of past, past has no business to call you again. Therefore, remove from your memory the word past. What will happen? Don’t speak of past at all. What will happen? When the past is removed also future will be removed. Future and past — there’s no difference. You must stand in past to speak of future.

DEVOTEE: Yes. You must stand in mind.

PAPAJI: Mind is past. Mind is past. So when you speak of past…

DEVOTEE:  …you speak of mind

PAPAJI: It is the mind. So when you look in the present moment there’s no mind. That’s what I say.

DEVOTEE: Yeah, I understand. What I understand, just when you were speaking, is that if you are in the present the strength of the present is stronger than the strength of the mind and the strength of the past. That’s what I understand.

PAPAJI: No, time goes.  The concept of the time goes when you look into present. You look into the present moment the concept of the time goes, the concept of the mind goes. Then what’s left? The whole manifestation cracks down, you see. 

DEVOTEE: So the whole thing is to be totally in the present.

PAPAJI: It is only present because of your not misunderstanding. You find out who you are in this very moment, this very present, this very instant. You hold onto this instant and tell me who you are. This one instant, just for  one instant, within this one instant find out who you are. And this beauty, this attraction you have not seen anytime before and this is the time now. Don’t miss it. This instant present  will take you only one instant only. This instant of time is going to take you only one instant which so far you have not been able to find anytime in 35 million years. Yes. Just one second and do it now and see. This second. This second is between breath and breath. That much time, you see.  Understand?


PAPAJI: You have not to go anywhere, not even inhaling and exhaling. You could see your face between the previous breath and before the landing of the next breath. You can do it now. Between the two breaths I say. What else you need? What effort? What practice? What meditation?  And tell me what you don’t have there. What beauty is not hidden there? What treasure is not there? What love is not there? What freedom is not there? Now you speak from here. Hmmm?